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Haunted Houses Halloween Fright Nights

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4 Haunted Houses and 2 Experiences during Halloween Fright Nights!

This year you can risk your life in 4 Haunted Houses; The Villa, Haunted Holidays II, Jefferson Manor and Psychoshock and continue in 2 Experciences; The Clinic and Below. Do you dare?

The Clinic

In The Clinic, you're undergoing treatment at Dr. Adams' clinic. One thing is certain: you will leave the clinic as a completely different person. If you leave the clinic at least...

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As a member of the New Orleans Pest Control Services you and your team will go to a report with the highest threat level. What do you find? Is it vermin?

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Haunted Holidays II

Do you like holidays? Good, because after this, they'll never be the same. In Haunted Holidays II your favourite holidays will be mutilated beyond recognition.

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Jefferson Manor

Years ago, the Jefferson family mysteriously died in this large, abandoned mansion. Did the ghosts call the family to death...?

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Be warned! Psychoshock researches fear. And for the bizarre experiments, they constantly need fresh subjects...

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The Villa

Enter The Villa and end up in Hollywood hell! If you've always wanted to play the lead in a horror movie, all you have to do is walk in here on Halloween...

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