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Scare Zones Halloween Fright Nights

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4 new Scare Zones during Halloween Fright Nights!

This year you can risk your life in 8 horrific Scare Zones. In addition to Pirate's Cove, Twisted Hellfire, Campsite of Carnage and Firepit, you risk your life in four new Scare Zones. Villains, Tangled Twigs, Nightmares and Eddie's own area: Festival of Freaks!

Eddie's Festival of Freaks

You've been invited to the most gruesome party of the year. Experience a unique 360-degree entertainment experience at Eddie's Festival of Freaks!

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Tangled Twigs

It's you against Mother Nature. This pristine piece of nature seems very peaceful... Until you look a little further. Strange noises, shadows and branches that seem to strangle you.

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A lot of kids have nightmares. Most of them grow over them. Some don't. Sleep well...

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In this Scare zone, it's evil against evil. Superheroes and badguys compete with each other for the same goal: world domination!

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Pirate's Cove

The murderous crew of Queen Anne's Revenge is waiting for you at Pirate's Cove. Will they keel you over or will you keep your head above water?

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Campsite of Carnage

The rednecks at campsite 'The Sunshine' hate trespassers. Stay far away from this decayed campsite, or you shouldn't find a chainsaw in your neck a problem.

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Twisted Hellfire

The evil demons in Twisted Hellfire are not only fighting their subjects, but also you! Do you know how to escape hellfire?

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Firepit is the place to be if you're not dirty from unwashed beards and scrolls on the ground. The rednecks invite you to a good party, but in their own way!

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