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Darkness takes over  

Dark clouds are gathering above Walibi Holland... The threatening energy and infernal noise from these clouds make you shiver. The sky turns pitchblack and all the light around you goes out. You find yourself in the chaos of darkness. This year, Halloween Fright Nights is dominated by Darkness. Even Eddie the Clown feels hunted by the developments at Walibi. He has packed his things and left. But is Eddie really 'gone'? You will find out...  Surrender to the darkness during Halloween Fright Nights: Darkness takes over.  

*For Halloween Fright Nights 2021 a COVID Certificate is required. 

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 Do you think you can handle Halloween Fright Nights? Then buy your tickets now and prepare yourself for a gruesome exclusive event! Don't forget to ask your friends along too, it will increase your chances of surviving. Maybe... 

Wicked Woods

After the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, people believed all witches had been eliminated and they were safe once again. However, the strongest and most evil witches survived and retreated into the deep, dark woods. There, they waited and gathered their strength... Are you ready to venture into the Wicked Woods?

Wrong Turn: into Darkness

All the evil in the world has an origin, an old world traveller claims to know the origin and takes you along on his cart. He wants to show you that origin. Get on board and ride into the darkness. This might be the (last) ride of your life.

The Final Hideout

The end of time has come, the apocalypse is unavoidable and you need all your survival skills. Will you survive this walk of death alongside bloodthirsty zombies? Go for it!

Dinner Experience

The most horrible dinner ever!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dine 'romantically' in a bloody hospital? Or in one of those 'cosy' caravans in Campsite of Carnage? Have you? Then this is your chance! If you're not afraid of freaky doctors or droning chainsaws at dinner, we dare you to book a table in this unique, exclusive Dinner Experience...  You'll get full service, shared dining (a well-stocked board per table with something for everyone), sidedishes, dessert and 75 minutes of unlimited drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee and tea). 


Halloween Fright Nights - Dinner Experience - Campsite of Carnage
Halloween Fright Nights - Dinner Experience - The Clinic


After a hellish night of Halloween Fright Nights, all you long for is a nice bed and a well-deserved sleep. That's exactly what you won't get during your stay After Dark. Click here for more information. Booking is at your own risk!  

Frequently asked questions, measures and Testing for Entry

To ensure a safe day out for our guests, we have taken various measures in and around the park. You can find all measures here. 

COVID Certificate

This year, you will be given access to Halloween Fright Nights by means of Testing for Entry. This means that we ask for a COVID Certificate. You must bring your Certificate with you via the CoronaCheck app or printed out on paper. This way we can ensure that you can once again experience Halloween Fright Nights safely. The corona measures can be adjusted in the run-up to Halloween Fright Nights in consultation with the authorities. By buying a ticket, you agree to these conditions. View all corona measures here or click on the button for frequently asked questions.