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Individual tickets

Individual tickets

As a business, you get a significant discount on your tickets

Tickets for your staff or business relations

Do you want to surprise your employees or business relations by letting them GET THE RUSH in Walibi Holland? As a business, you get a significant discount on prepaid tickets. They make for a fun and highly original gift for your employees, clients or business relations. You get affordable rates and they can push their limits without having to stand in line at the register. Individual tickets allow your employees to visit Walibi on their own on a day of their choosing!

Physical tickets or codes

Our individual prepaid tickets grant one-time access to the park during the 2024 season, except on the Halloween Fright Nights days. The discounted tickets for businesses are available from a minimum quantity of twenty. They come in the form of physical tickets without dates or codes. Your employees and business relations can use their codes in a special webshop. If you purchase 250 tickets or more, we will set up a custom webshop environment for your company. 

Prepaid tickets start at € 31.00 per ticket (including VAT). Standard ticket prices for 2024 are € 43.50 so you benefit from a very high discount!

How does it work?

You purchase a fixed number of tickets for your staff or business relations. If you want to order a hundred or more tickets, your discount will add up quickly. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you the tickets or codes. The physical tickets or codes can be used once during the entire season (April until October 2023), except on the Halloween Fright Nights days.


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