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Walibi Holland

A warm welcome in Walibi!

Our aim is to give you, our guest, an unforgettable day out. These regulations and guidelines have been drawn up in order to make your visit and that of our other visitors as enjoyable as possible. The park regulations apply when you enter Walibi's premises. This includes the amusement park, but also, for example, Walibi Village, the event site and the car parks, including the Solar Parking car park. For the sake of readability, we will hereafter refer to all these areas together as the 'park'.

By entering the park you, the guest, agree to these regulations.


  1. Entry to the park is allowed only with a ticket on the days and/or times for which the ticket is valid.
  2. No one is allowed to be in the park outside opening hours.
  3. Walibi reserves the right to change opening hours, days, and/or conditions during the season. In such cases, refunds will not be given. Opening hours and days can be found on our website:
  4. To ensure the safety of our guests, Walibi reserves the right to close its doors in case of large visitor numbers; this also applies to season ticket holders. If the guest already holds a valid ticket, the rule is that the tickets can be changed to another date of their choice in the same seasonal year. Walibi accepts no liability for travel costs incurred.
  5. In the event of a situation where public order is disrupted or an unsafe situation occurs, Walibi is entitled to close the park with immediate effect and deny guests access to the park. In case of a park closure, there is no right to any (partial) refund or compensation.
  6. When entering the park or in the park itself, (security) staff members may check visitors' bags for prohibited or undesirable possessions or the presence of illegally appropriated items. In addition, by entering the park, guests automatically consent to any body search (POV: private law superficial security search). This regulation is in place to protect all visitors and employees for the sake of general security. Undesirable or prohibited possessions or unlawfully appropriated items will be confiscated and handed over to the police.


  1. Walibi reminds you that camera surveillance is in place in the park to protect your safety and property as well as ours.
  2. For your safety and ours, you should follow the instructions of our staff.
  3. With the exception of guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs for disabled people, pets are not allowed. Such guide dogs and assistance dogs should be clearly marked.
  4. Selling and/or distributing goods, handing out flyers, affixing posters or advertising in the park in any other way is not allowed without prior written permission from Walibi.
  5. In case of theft, the police will be contacted at all times.
  6. For the terms and conditions of WiFi use in the park, please refer to the WiFi conditions which can be inspected at the Guest Service.

Proper conduct

  1. Every guest must conduct themselves appropriately and in accordance with general standards of decency in the park.
  2. It is not allowed to enter areas outside the designated walking routes, paths and picnic areas.
  3. We all work together to create a clean environment. Waste should be deposited (separately) in the correct waste bins.
  4. Swimming or bathing is not allowed in the ponds, lake and ditches of the park.
  5. It is not allowed to enter the park with bicycles, roller skates, scooters or other vehicles, except wheelchairs and prams.
  6. The use of radios, sound blasters or other intrusive music players is not allowed.
  7. It is not allowed to place stickers on property belonging to Walibi or third parties.
  8. No alcohol is served to persons under 18 years of age. The consumption of alcohol, whether or not brought by yourself, is also not allowed. At the request of an employee, you must show your ID so that the employee can determine your age.
  9. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol, mind-altering drugs or narcotics, or who are selling or are in possession of mind-altering drugs or narcotics, will be refused entry to the park or will be removed from the park.
  10. Physical violence, verbal abuse and otherwise undesirable behaviour towards other visitors and/or Walibi employees will not be tolerated. Guests guilty of such behaviour will be immediately removed from the park. The police may be called, if necessary.
  11. Carrying or using weapons, fireworks or other dangerous objects is prohibited. Walibi reserves the right to remove anyone who is in possession of such objects from the park, possibly assisted by the police.
  12. Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas. Smoking is not allowed in the rest of the park . This also applies to the e-cigarette. You will find designated smoking areas on each park map.

Attractions and shows

  1. For safety reasons, bags and/or loose objects are not allowed in some attractions. Walibi is not liable for damage to or loss of goods left behind, nor to goods handed over to our staff. On attractions where you are allowed to bring bags and/or loose objects, you do so entirely at your own risk.
  2. Safety is our priority. Everyone is obliged to abide by the rules in and around attractions. You can find these on the board at the entrance of the attraction and will also be provided by staff if necessary. Anyone who wilfully ignores instructions and rules of use may be denied access to the attraction by staff members.
  3. Certain attractions are subject to height, stature and/or health criteria. These limits are meant to ensure guest safety. If a guest cannot participate in an attraction due to the criteria used, Walibi does not operate a refund scheme.
  4. Attractions and shows may be closed during your visit for safety reasons or in case of technical failures. Walibi staff will do their best to reopen the attraction and/or show as soon as possible. No refunds will be given in this case.
  5. In the event of exceptional weather conditions (such as strong winds, heavy rain, hailstorms and thunderstorms), Walibi is obliged to temporarily close attractions and shows in accordance with its safety procedures. No refunds will be given in this case.
  6. Use of the playground equipment is entirely at your own risk.
  7. Guests who try to jump the queues may be removed from the park. In such cases, there is no right to a refund.


  1. Even in high temperatures, at least a shirt, shorts and shoes must be worn.
  2. You may be refused entry to the park if you are wearing inappropriate clothing that is not in keeping with Walibi's family atmosphere. In such a case, there is no right to a refund of the admission ticket and/or any other kind of compensation.
  3. Access to certain attractions may be denied if your clothing may pose a safety risk.
  4. Persons wishing to enter the park dressed up or in (sports) club clothes will be refused entry and/or removed from the park, without any right to a refund of the admission ticket and/or any other kind of compensation.

Photography and film

  1. Walibi invites everyone to share photos as well as video and audio recordings of the park on social media.
  2. No photography, filming (with or without flash) or sound recording is allowed inside the Haunted Houses. Publication of such material is obviously not allowed either.
  3. Spaces that are not open to the public may not be photographed or filmed, nor may sound recordings be made of them. Publication of such material is obviously not allowed either.
  4. It is not allowed to photograph, film or make sound recordings inside the attractions themselves.
  5. It is possible that you may be photographed or filmed as a guest. Walibi reserves the right to use this material for publication and promotion.


  1. By entering Walibi's parking areas, by which we also mean the Solar Parking car park, you agree to the applicability of the parking regulations.
  2. Walibi will provide parking space in the car parks. You decide where to park your vehicle and you remain in control of it.
  3. Walibi only provides parking space for a fee. Custody or safekeeping of your vehicle is not part of Walibi's obligation.
  4. To maintain order and guarantee everyone's safety, you must follow any instructions from Walibi staff in the parking areas.
  5. Vehicles must be driven at walking speed in the parking areas.
  6. The parking areas feature a limited number of charging stations for electric vehicles. When available, you may use these charging stations at your own expense and at your own risk. Parking in these spots is reserved for electric vehicles using one of the charging stations.
  7. The 1994 Road Traffic Act applies in the parking areas.
  8. Walibi's car parks are not closed to the public.
  9. You park your vehicle in Walibi's car parks entirely at your own risk. Walibi will not be liable for any damage to your vehicle incurred while using the parking areas, such as, for example, damage in case of burglary or theft. The same applies if the damage was caused by storm, fire, hail, explosion or other extraordinary events.

Denial of access to the park & park ban

  1. Walibi reserves at all times the right to refuse guests entry to the park, remove guests from the park or ban a guest from the park for a definite or indefinite period in the event of a breach of these regulations or if Walibi otherwise deems it necessary. Walibi may in any case (non-exhaustively) ban a guest from the park in case of destruction, theft, aggression, misbehaviour, sexual violence, arson or entering the park illegally.
  2. If the guest gains access to the park despite being refused entry, having been removed or banned from the park, a report of unlawful entry will be made to the police.
  3. In Walibi, there is no right to a refund if an admission ticket or season ticket cannot be used (in part) because of a person being refused entry or removed or banned from the park.


  1. Walibi's liability (irrespective of the grounds on which liability is based) is limited to the payout of its insurer in the relevant case, unless Walibi's liability is regulated differently in these park regulations, Walibi's general terms and conditions or any other applicable regulation.

Other provisions

  1. It is not possible to pay with € 200 or € 500 notes at the ticket offices in the park. At several locations in the park, you can only pay via debit card transaction; cash payment is not possible there. If so, this will be indicated at the site.
  2. Promises made by Walibi employees are only binding if they have been confirmed in writing (including by email) to the visitor.
  3. Walibi may unilaterally change the park regulations. The amended regulations will take effect 30 calendar days after the date on which Walibi has sent this amended version to a guest, unless the guest has submitted a substantiated written objection to the application of the regulations.
  4. Where these park regulations provide that the visitor is not entitled to a refund or no refund scheme applies, this means that you are not entitled to a refund of all or any part of the amount you have paid to Walibi for access to the park and/or for the provision of any other service or product by Walibi. This is without prejudice to Walibi's other rights, including the right to performance and damages.
  5. These park regulations are governed by Dutch law with the exception of the Vienna Sales Convention.
  6. In all cases not covered by these park regulations, the Walibi Holland management will decide.

'In the case of any conflict between the General Terms and Conditions in Dutch and in English or any interpretation difficulties, the Dutch version will prevail.'

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