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Scare Zones Halloween Spooky Days

Scare Zones Halloween Spooky Days

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3 creepy zones open during Halloween Spooky Days

During Halloween Spooky Days we open the gates of three creepy zones: Pirate's Cove, Firepit and Campsite the Sunshine. Prepare to meet one of the many freaks that wander around...

Pirate's Cove

Welcome to the lost world of stranded pirates. They're having a great time with all those landlubbers passing by. All hands on deck!

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Attention all hillbillies, because in Firepit you can go completely loose. Play cool Halloween games and jump to the beats of the Hillbilly dance party!

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Campsite the Sunshine

The Redneck residents of 'The Sunshine' campsite give you a 'warm' welcome. This Halloween they just don't feel like treats, only tricks!

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