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Halloween Spooky Days

Calling all monsters!

Daysee is back. This year, she will look for new monsters during Halloween Spooky Days. She needs your help to complete her thrilling quest. Are you brave enough to join the hunt for the spooky monsters in the park?

Will you help Daysee?

She wants more power...

Look for monsters to give Daysee more power! On the special map of the park - which you will receive at the entrance - you'll see a number of empty spaces. In the park, your job is to find the monsters to fill in the blanks and complete your map. If you are brave and smart enough to find every monster, you will receive an awesome “I am a monster!” pin!

The difference with Halloween Fright Nights?

Halloween Spooky Days is an experience for tough monsters up to the age of 12. Instead of being terrifying like Fright Nights, it is exciting, challenging and a little spooky.

What time?

Halloween Spooky Days is held on regular days from 1 pm to 6 pm. On combination days, Halloween Spooky Days ends at 5 pm and Halloween Fright Nights starts at 6 pm.

When are the Halloween Spooky Days?

Halloween Spooky Days takes place during the day on all Halloween Fright Nights days from 10:00 to 17:00. On the following days in the autumn holidays, Halloween Spooky Days will be from 10:00 to 18:00: 18 to 20 October and 25 to 27 October. 

Frequently asked questions, measures and Testing for Entry 

 To ensure a safe day out for our guests, we have taken various measures in and around the park. You can find all measures here.  


Testing for Entry 

This year, you will be given access to Halloween Spooky Days by means of Testing for Entry. This means that we will ask you for a COVID Certificate. You bring your COVID Certificate with you via the CoronaCheck app or printed on paper. This way we can ensure that you can once again experience Halloween Spooky Days safely. The corona measures can be adjusted in the run-up to Halloween Fright Nights in consultation with the authorities. By buying a ticket, you agree to these conditions. View all corona measures here or click on the button for frequently asked questions.