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Camp of Curiosities & Festival of Freaks

Camp of Curiosities & Festival of Freaks

Meet Daysee and her freaks!

NEW during Halloween Spooky Days

Wander through Camp of Curiosities and stand face to face with Daysee's best friends. Or meet Daysee in her own Festival of Freaks!

Camp of Curiosities and Festival of Freaks are free to visit with a regular ticket, you don't have to pay extra.

Camp of Curiosities

Especially for families with children!
Can you smell the elephant manure? Walk through the lost circus area and meet the freaks who have joined Daysee.

Camp of Curiosities - Halloween Spooky Days

Festival of Freaks

Are you ready to meet Daysee? You might spot her in her own Festival of Freaks. There is plenty to do and experience here. Make your own Daysee mask or help Daysee crack the monster code.

Festival of freaks - Halloween Spooky Days