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Scare Zones

Scare Zones

during Halloween Spooky Days

Shiver in 4 creepy Scare Zones during Halloween Spooky Days

During Halloween Spooky Days we open the gates of four Scare Zones: Pirate's Cove, Nightmares, Villains and Tangled Twigs. Prepare to meet the many freaks that wander around...

Pirate's Cove

Welcome to the lost world of stranded pirates!


Normally superheroes and badguys can't live without each other, but in this Scare Zone it's evil against evil. They all have the same goal: world domination.


Tangled Twigs

At first sight, nature seems very peaceful, until you look a little further. The branches of trees and bushes seem to want to grab you. Will you be able to escape the power of 'mother nature' or will you end up as a scarecrow?