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Halloween Spooky Days

Halloween Spooky Days

Walibi Holland presents Halloween Spooky Days!

Walibi Holland presents Halloween Spooky Days! A day-time event from the creators of Halloween Fright Nights, just for monsters aged 12 and under. Exciting acts, scare zones with spooky freaks and a scary haunted house offer plenty of excitement for young thrill seekers. Of course, all spectacular rides in the park are open as well!

An introduction: Daysee

This is Daysee. She looks sweet and innocent, but don't make her angry. It seems she is as crazy as Eddie the Clown...

For whom?

Halloween Spooky Days is an event for monsters aged 12 and under. It is not terrifying like the evening programme, but exciting, challenging and with the same high level of quality as Halloween Fright Nights.

What time?

The daytime event Halloween Spooky Days starts at 10 AM and ends at 5 PM. On selected days, Halloween Fright Nights will start at 6 PM. You are then free to stay at the park in the evening, but be warned: it's scary. Terrifying to be more precise.


Halloween Spooky Days takes place on the same days as Halloween Fright Nights and on seven extra days during the autumn holiday: 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22 and 23 October. Check our opening hours for a complete overview of dates and times.

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Buy your tickets for Halloween Spooky Days now!

3 Scare Zones opened during Halloween Spooky Days

During Halloween Spooky Days, we will open the gates of three Scare Zones: Pirate's Cove, Firepit and Campsite the Sunshine. Prepare to meet the many freaks roaming around...

Pirate's Cove

Welcome to the lost world of marooned pirates. They will have a blast with all those landlubbers stopping by. All hands on deck! 

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Hillbillies, listen up! In Firepit, you can let loose. Play awesome Halloween games, pet scary animals and jump around to the beats of the Hillbilly dance party!

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Campsite the Sunshine

The redneck residents of campsite “The Sunshine” will give you a “warm” welcome. This Halloween, they are not interested in treats – only tricks!

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1 Haunted House: Spooky Manor

The Jefferson family’s manor is cursed. Lady Jefferson’s attempt to summon spirits has gone horribly awry. Now, her spirit and those of all former residents roam freely through the house. Can you lift the curse?

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                        Frequently asked questions

Can I enter the park during the day and in the evening with my ticket?

Yes, this is allowed. Please check our opening calendar first, because Walibi is only open at nights on Halloween Fright Nights days. Please note: the evening program Halloween Fright Nights is not suitable for children under the age of 16.

Do you have children under the age of 12? Then we advise you to buy Spooky Days tickets. Are you coming for Halloween Fright Nights and coming in the morning? Then we recommend that you buy Halloween Fright Nights tickets. Both tickets are valid all day, but with a Spooky Days ticket you can't buy Haunted Houses for Halloween Fright Nights online.

What is the difference between Halloween Spooky Days and Halloween Fright Nights?

Halloween Spooky Days is held in the daytime from 10.00 until 17.00. Of course, all of our spectacular rides are open, along with the gates to the Scare Zones Firepit, Campsite and Pirate’s Cove and the Haunted House Spooky Manor. These locations are filled with scary characters performing exciting acts.

The park’s rides are also open during Halloween Fright Nights. This horrifying event will be held from 18.00 until 23.00. As before, visitors will be shown absolutely no mercy. No one will be safe from Eddie the Clown’s army of demons and freaks. Click here for more information about Halloween Fright Nights.

Can children dress up for Halloween Spooky Days?

During Halloween Spooky Days, children aged 12 or under may come to the park dressed up and with painted faces. This does not apply to Halloween Fright Nights!

My child does not like Halloween, but does want to go on the rides. What now?

During Halloween Spooky Days, certain areas of the park are free from scare actors. However, because some rides are located in areas where the freaks do roam around, we will hand out anti-monster badges at the entrance to Walibi Holland. Children wearing this badge will be left alone by our scare actors. For a small fee, you can also buy anti-monster spray that children can use to keep the freaks at bay!

Do I have to buy a parking card during Halloween?

During the combined Halloween Fright Nights-Halloween Spooky Days, there is no need to buy a separate parking card, as your ticket comes with free parking. However, you do have to buy a parking card during the seven extra Halloween Spooky Days. Parking will be free during both events for season ticket holders with a parking pass.

Rules during Halloween Spooky Days

During Halloween Spooky Days there are a number of rules at the park. You can read them in the special Spooky Days Survival Guide.

Where can I find the Scare Zones and Haunted House?

You'll find the Scare Zones and the Haunted House at Crazy River and Lost Gravity. Click beneath to download the special Halloween Spooky Days park map and see where you can get creepy in October!

Buy tickets for Spooky Days

Buy your tickets for Halloween Spooky Days now!