Shops & Games

Shopping & games

Shop ‘till you drop! Walibi Holland has many shops where you can nose around and buy nice gifts. There’s no doubt you will find an amazing memento to remember the great times you had in Walibi.

Shopping Service

When you are done shopping, you can leave your purchases at the store and pick them up at the end of the day. How convenient! Hand your purchases over to the cashier or at the photo shop. Later on you can pick them up at the W.A.B. Shop, near the park exit. This service is free of charge.


Are you crazy about games? Take up the challenge in one of our game zones and win fabulous prizes! There are two game zones: Winner’s Circle and Silver Dollar. Try to beat yourself or your friends. How long can you sit on a rodeo bull? Will you hit the mark at the Shooting Gallery? Can you shoot the ball through the hoop? Let the games begin and maybe you’ll go home with some cool prizes!

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