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Xpress: Platform 13

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An abandoned underground station in New York. The platform was closed years ago and is not accessible to anyone. Some curious journalists have tried to reach the platform, but have never returned. Do you dare enter the ghost platform of Platform 13? 

Xpress: Platform 13 is a real speed demon. With excitement you're waiting for what's to come and then... out of nowhere you'll be launched. Within 3 seconds you reach a speed of 90 km/h!

Inversion in Xpress: Platform 13
Looping in Xpress: Platform 13

About Xpress: Platform 13

Launch coaster in Walibi Holland

Xpress: Platform 13 from builder Vekoma launches you in 2.8 seconds to the top speed of 90 kilometres per hour. You shoot through the Sea Serpent and the Corkscrew, after which you get several airtimes and the last inversion. The roller coaster is known for its high G-forces: you are exposed to as much as 5G!


Did you know...?

that Xpress: Platform 13 used to be called 'Superman The Ride'? Many people still call the roller coaster by its old name.

Did you know...?

that Walibi Holland started a major renovation in 2013? The station, the brake area and the waiting area of Xpress: Platform 13 were covered. The queue was also given a new theme.

Did you know...?

that in the queue the theme of an abandoned metro station was chosen? The fictional station is called Glenbrook Station.

Did you know...?

Did you know...?

Did you know...?