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The hamburgers are made of beef and are freshly made all day long. Besides the beef burgers, the restaurant also offers a delicious vegetarian burger and a chicken burger. If you have a big appetite combine your burger with fries and drinks and take advantage of one of the special menus.

Hier o.a. verkrijgbaar

Hamburgers 4.95€
Kipnuggets 4.25€

Value deal

Hamburger menu (frisdrank 0,4L + frites + keuze uit 4 burgers) 9.95€
Kipnuggets menu (frisdrank 0,4L + frites + kipnuggets 1x saus naar keuze 9.95€
Falafel bites menu (fristrank 0,4L + kipnuggets + frites + 1x saus naar keuze) 9.95€

Haciënda Cocktails

Smoothies 4.5€
Freakshakes 7.5€
Frappé's 4.5€
Zoetwaren 3.95€