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Head office

Head office

Working at Walibi

General Management

The General Management department consists of the Director of Walibi Holland and the executive secretary and receptionist. The latter two take care of, among other things, scheduling appointments, taking minutes at Management meetings, receiving guests at the reception, answering the telephone and handling mail and complaints.

Marketing & Sales

The Marketing & Sales department is working day in and day out to put Walibi Holland on the map. Campaigns and e-mail campaigns are prepared. Contacts are also made with the media, so that the park is regularly in the publicity. Partnerships are negotiated with a number of great brands. Throughout the year, the Marketing & Sales department works hard behind the scenes to attract as many visitors as possible!

Finance and Central Treasury

In order to keep everything in the park on the right track, a lot happens behind the scenes. For example, the Finance department and the Central Greenhouse ensure that change is available for all cash registers in the change bags. In addition, the Finance department takes care of, among other things, the accounts receivable and accounts payable administration and the provision of various reports.
The Central Greenhouse is the internal bank of Walibi Holland. The employees ensure on a daily basis that all cash flows take place in a responsible manner and report on turnover on a daily basis.


The ICT department is responsible for solving, rectifying and registering malfunctions. ICT installs new workstations and/or peripherals and carries out new updates. ICT performs work with regard to the management of computer equipment and programs.