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Operational departments

Operational departments

The operational departments are in direct contact with our guests.

Operational matters

The operational department includes the departments Attractions, Guest Service and Parking.
The staff of the Attractions department serve the various attractions. More than 40 attractions are thus in safe hands every day. But as an attraction employee you have more than just the responsibility for an attraction, you make sure that the visitor has a unique and unforgettable experience. Safety comes first.
The Parking department has the first and last contract with the guests, they make sure that all guests park in an efficient way and take care of a clean and safe parking area.
At the Guest Service department, entrance tickets are sold at the (group) cash register and checked at ticket control. During the day, a number of staff members conduct surveys among guests in order to gauge their satisfaction. For Fast Lane, lost/found objects, comments or complaints, guests can contact the Guest Service/Information desk.

Catering and Festivities & Parties

In addition to exciting attractions and great shows, Walibi also offers its guests plenty of opportunities for something to eat or drink. There are several restaurants, outlets and mobile outlets throughout the park where people can go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hospitality department ensures that visitors are received hospitably. The Horeca department is Walibi's business card.
The Festivities & Parties department takes care of, among other things, lunches, drinks, dinners and party evenings for our guests.

RAG (Retail, Paid Attractions and Games)

Walibi also offers its guests shopping opportunities. There are several Retail shops and mobile sales points throughout the park where people can go for fun souvenirs and gadgets. The department wants to provide its guests with a lasting memory of a day at Walibi.  
The Paid Attractions department challenges guests to take a flight in the Skydiver. The photo shops at the attractions and the Sugar Shot are also part of this department.
In addition, Walibi has two areas where guests can win fun prizes by playing a game. By saving points with the various games, all kinds of fun prizes can be won.

Entertainment and Events

In addition to the fat thrill-rides of Walibi Holland, a good dose of entertainment is also indispensable in the park. Every day they provide performances and Meet & Greets with Walibi, Fibi and Squad and a dazzling promo performance for our festivals. In addition, events such as SUPPLIAN, Halloween Firght Nights and Halloween Spooky Days are an important part of the Walibi experience.

Walibi Village

After a day at Walibi, our guests can relax in the cottage of Walibi Village. They can go to the reception for information and the Walibi shop. Walibi can also take care of breakfast and dinner in our restaurant of the BizNiz Center. Would you like to have a drink in the evening? This is possible in our Walibi Lounge. In addition, our guests can use the indoor swimming pool.