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crazy river

Visitors with disabilities

Service for guests with special needs


The use of the accessibility scheme does not give priority, but offers the possibility of using the virtual queue. This virtual queue is equal for guests using this arrangement to the actual waiting time for guests in the regular queues at the different attractions.

On the flyer you can see which different attractions you can use. This depends on your mobility.



if you have no mobility problems

You can access the big rides via the regular entrance. You wait in a virtual queue and can enter the regular queue once you have received a QR code. This means you must make an online reservation for a seat on one of the big rides and can enter the other rides via the regular entrance.*

  • Blast, Condor, Goliath, Lost Gravity, Space Shot, Speed of Sound, Untamed, El Rio Grande, Xpress: Platform 13 and Crazy River can be reserved online.
  • For all other rides, you go through the regular queue.


if you are in a wheelchair

To go on the big rides, you wait at the top of every hour (11:00, 12:00, etcetera) in the designated wheelchair waiting area near the entrance to the rides. All other rides can be accessed via the exit.

  • Blast, Goliath, Lost Gravity, Speed of Sound, Untamed and Splash Battle are available at the top of every hour.
  • El Rio Grande is available every half hour.
  • Xpress: Platform 13 and Crazy River are available at any time.
  • To go on any of the other rides, report to the Fast Lane entrance or the exit.

The ride's operator will meet you in the designated wheelchair waiting area and instruct you on how to get on the ride.

Access to rides

Through the Fast Lane entrance: Xpress: Platform 13, Condor, Space Shot, Goliath, Untamed, Lost Gravity, Crazy River and Speed of Sound.

For the other rides, you will gain access through the exit.

If you are less agile : Through the exit of the ride, unless otherwise indicated on the flyer.

Deviant accessibility

Via the ride's regular exit, unless specified otherwise below.

The following rides are accessible via a different entrance:


Xpress: Platform 13

Report to the exit (through W.A.B. Shop). When the sliding doors open, the attendant should report to the clerk.


Crazy River

Via theFast Lane entrance.



Via the Fast Lane entrance.

The following rides are hard to access:


La Grande Roue

Via the exit; you will encounter three steps..


Super Swing

Via the exit; you will encounter seven steps.



Via the exit; you will encounter seven steps.

Disabled persons

Download Declaration

Download the accessibility statement here so you can already fill it out at home. That saves time again!

Het park in je broekzak, download de Walibi app.


... of in je tas, ligt eraan waar jij je telefoon bewaart. Download onze nieuwe app en maak je dagje uit compleet!