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Make a crushing impression. Be a STAR!

There is only one place in the Benelux where real thrillseekers and daredevils go to get the necessary dose of adrenaline. That is of course Walibi Holland. It is mainly teenagers and young adults who come to our unique park for a day HARDGAAN in our attractions, thrill rides or at one of our special events where music plays an important role.


In Walibi Holland we do everything in our power to offer visitors a dizzying experience that goes beyond the day itself: the nerves have to start tingling days in advance and the excitement of a day of HARDGAAN should buzz for a long time to come. With us, the visitor's experience is central; they are (together with their friends) the hero of the day.
We always try to go faster, higher and faster with our thrill rides and attractions. Exceeding expectations is also reflected in the attitude of our employees. We do this by using the STAR formula. STAR stands for:
Spontaneous, Team, Action and Result.