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Walibi's STAR-formula

Make a smashing impression on our guests. Be a STAR!

There is only one place in the Benelux where real thrillseekers and daredevils go to get the necessary dose of adrenaline. That is of course Walibi Holland. It is mainly teenagers and young adults who come to our unique park for a day HARDGAAN in our attractions, thrill rides or at one of our special events where music plays an important role.


Spontaneous: we are open and extroverted. We enjoy addressing our guests and making them feel at ease;

Team: the team always comes first with us. We can count on each other. Together we keep Walibi fun and safe;

Action: we are proactive. We are service-oriented and act immediately when necessary. We keep an eye on where things can be improved and would rather check something once too often than too rarely;

Result: we are goal-oriented. We always look at how we can achieve an even better (commercial) result. 

STAR: part of the application process and performance and appraisal rounds

It is good to know that the STAR formula is part of the application procedure and the performance and assessment round for employees. We use the STAR formula to see if there is a match between you and Walibi, and of course vice versa. This is how we ensure that we are able to exceed our guests' expectations every day!

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