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Welcome to the Zero Zone

Welcome to the Zero Zone

Discover the creation of a new world.

The impact of a meteorite left its traces in Walibi Holland. From the chaos of this natural phenomenon, a new world was born: the Zero Zone. You can still feel strange magnetic forces there and at Lost Gravity the gravity itself became...well, lost. The inhabitants of this zone rebuilt it from scrap. Old objects and wreckage received a new purpose, changing Zero Zone into a new, self-sustaining world. A world of order created from chaos.
Welcome to the Zero Zone!

Follow the story of the creation of this new world through the eyes of Izzi, her family and her video diary. In total there are 4 episodes. Keep an eye out for our social media channels to stay up to date about Zero Zone!


Izzi’s video diary, vlog 1

I can still remember it, the day when everything changed. There was a loud crash, followed by heavy silence. I went outside to have a look at what exactly happened just now.
In some places everything felt very light. In other locations- quite the opposite and heavy. I soon realized that everything changed. Our life was flipped upside-down...

Izzi's video diary, vlog 2

Hi! It's been 5 days since the last entry. Mom and dad thing we cannot leave this place. I still have a few ideas of my own, but believe me when I say I tried out quite a few of them already...

Izzi's video diary, vlog 3

Hi! Today we built something new again. Do you know what works quite well as a building block? Old books! We already almost finished building an entire house made from old books!
And this one too. It grew up on a plant in just two days. So today we'll be eating something with tomatoes.

Izzi's video diary, vlog 4

Hi! Today we managed to restore balance to the magnetic field. We finished the windmill and the water wheel. Now we'll always have electricity! Are you coming to visit us?

Stay up to date

Keep an eye on our social media channels for all vlogs of Izzi and her family. Obviously we'll also keep you updated on all the news and changes in the Zero Zone!