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      A single riders queue is an extra queue at an attraction, next to the normal queue. For example, if you only want to be in an attraction or you don't necessarily have to sit next to each other, you can take the single riders queue. Sometimes it will even be your turn sooner! What a single queue exactly is, you can read here.


      The single rider queues are for visitors who only want an attraction. The queue is basically for people who only visit the attraction, but also groups can sit in this queue. Because the empty spaces in the attraction are filled with people from this queue, you have no guarantee that you can sit next to each other or all at the same time. No problem? Then feel free to take the single row!

      Which attractions in Walibi have a single rider queue?

      From season 2020,  six attractions in Walibi Holland will have a single rider row. These are the free fall Space Shot and the roller coasters, GoliathUNTAMEDLost GravitySpeed of Sound and Condor. If your friends don't dare, but you do, you can take the single riders ride. Sometimes it's your turn sooner than when you join the regular queue. Relaxed, because then you can GET THE RUSH more often than normal!

      What are the advantages of a single rider queue?

      The big advantage of a single rider queue is that the waiting time for you as a visitor is reduced. This is because the single riders fill the empty spaces in an attraction. Both the waiting time for the normal and the single rider queue is shortened by this approach.

      What is the disadvantage of the single rider row?

      Waiting in this queue has to wait until a spot in the regular queue becomes available or remains. So there is a good chance that you will have to sit next to a stranger.

      Can I use the single rider queue with a group?

      Yes, that's no problem. Keep in mind that you probably can't all join in the same ride and also not sit next to each other. This is because the empty spaces on the train are filled with people from the single queue. Sometimes it happens that several people from the single rider queue can enter the ride at the same time, because there are several empty spots.

      Are children allowed in the single rider queue?

      Yes, that is allowed, but only if they meet the ride requirements. Check the minimum length requirements on the pages of Space Shot, Lost Gravity, Speed of Sound and Condor.

      How do I recognize a single rider row?

      Rows are indicated by signs. An example of such a sign:

      Fast Lane: The other way to reduce waiting time

      Although you can reduce your waiting time at the rides with the single riders queue, there is another way to get more out of your day at Walibi Holland: Fast Lane. This allows you to reserve a spot in a particular attraction, so you don't have to queue up. You will get a message on your phone when it's your turn, after which you can grab your ride via the Fast Lane entrance!

      Fast Line is available in the varieties Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each variant has its own advantages. Check for more information.

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