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Reserve tickets

Reserve tickets

with your season pass

As a season pass holder, Halloween Fright Nights will look different than normal. Because of the COVID-19 measures we have to work with a maximum daily capacity. The only way to manage this is by knowing from everyone when they come to the park.

What changes for you?

Where you could normally come to the park on any day with your season pass, this season that is not possible. You will have to order a ticket for every day you want to come via a special webshop. Of course, this won't cost you anything - you already have a season pass - but it allows us to monitor the daily capacity. 

How do you order your day ticket?

  1. Click on the button and enter your pass number.
  2. Select the day you want to come to Halloween Fright Nights.
  3. Complete the 'order' and you will receive your ticket by e-mail.


  • With your pass number you can order one ticket once a day. 
  • If you cannot select a day, the maximum day capacity has been reached. Unfortunately, you will not be able to go to Halloween on that specific date.
  • Are you coming to the park? Bring your ticket and your seasonal pass with you. You must be able to show it at the ticket counter.

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