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Symphony of Screams

Conductor Eddie and his orchestra of freaks are ready to deliver their most horrifying performance yet. A loud cry, a brutal scream, a terrifying wail. The torture has begun and the screams will make your blood run cold. It's all music to Eddie's ears. Will you join the chorus? You might just become his next victim. This October, experience the fear and horror of the ‘Symphony of Screams’ during Halloween Fright Nights.

Buy your tickets

Do you think you can handle Halloween Fright Nights? Then buy your tickets now and prepare yourself for a gruesome exclusive event! Don't forget to ask your friends along too, it will increase your chances of surviving. Maybe... 

Halloween Fright Nights - Symphony of Screams

Haunted House package

Perfect for the fearless; Haunted House package gives you 1x access through the regular queue to the four Haunted Houses (The Final Slay Ride, Jefferson Manor, Psychoshock and The Villa). Buy your Haunted House package here.


R.I.P. Pass

Don't feel like waiting? The R.I.P. Pass grants you 1x access to four Haunted Houses (The Final Slay Ride, Jefferson Manor, Psychoshock and The Villa) via the R.I.P. entrance. So you don't have to wait in the regular queue. Buy your R.I.P. Pass here.




Urban explorers, beware! Are you brave enough to explore this dilapidated warehouse full of old and derelict theme park rides? Armed with only a flashlight, you have to find your way out. Choose your path wisely or risk falling victim to the terrifying 'Populus Prehenderat,’ a carnivorous plant with a taste for human flesh...

Urban Explhorror - De nieuwe experience tijdens Halloween Fright Nights

The Final Slay Ride

The most wonderful time of the year... right? This year, Krampus has unleashed his reign of terror on the North Pole and Christmas has turned into complete chaos. Make sure the aggressive Christmas lights don't strangle you and don't let the shards of broken Christmas baubles slice you open... So let’s DIE together on a SLAY RIDE together with you!

The Final Slay Ride - Nieuw haunted house tijdens Halloween Fright Nights


HELP WANTED! In Slaughterhouse, we are looking for willing colleagues to join our team of butchers. If your application goes well, you can start immediately. The knives have been sharpened, so put on your finest work clothing. The blood will literally be flying around... nice to meat you!

Slaughterhouse - Nice to meat you

Dinner Experience - Camp of Curiosities

The most horrible dinner ever!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat a "romantic” dinner in one of the freak caravans of the Camp of Curiosities?  This is your chance to find out! Don't forget to chew, because Eddie's freaks will eat you raw. We dare you to reserve a table for this unique and exclusive Dinner Experience...  You will receive full table service, shared dining (a well-stocked platter per table with something for everyone), side dishes and unlimited drinks (beer, wine, soda, coffee and tea) for 75 minutes.

Dinner Experience tijdens Halloween Fright Nights
Frightening Haunted Houses

Enter terrifying Haunted Houses during Halloween Fright Nights. Stay on your guard because danger lurks in every corner. Is that cold shiver caused by pure fear or is it the icy breath of someone behind you...

Halloween Fright Nights - Haunted Houses - Psychoshock
Cruel Walkthroughs

Are you a real dare devil and do you dare to take on one of these fierce walkthroughs? Or are you too scared...


Halloween Fright Nights - Walkthrouhgs - Wicked Woods
Extreme Experiences

Even the most experienced Halloween Fright Nights fan will go white when experiencing these extreme Experiences. Be warned...


Halloween Fright Nights - Experiences - Below

Frequently asked questions

Would you like more information about Halloween Fright Nights? Read the FAQ to discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions!