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Walibi Village: After Dark

Staying overnight during Halloween Fright Nights

New! Walibi Village: After Dark.   

 After a hellish night of Halloween Fright Nights, all you desire is a nice bed and a well-deserved night's sleep. Exactly that, you will not receive during your stay at one of the exclusive After Dark houses in Walibi Village. When the phone in your house starts ringing and you hear the terrifying sound of Darkness on the other end of the line you know it's serious. Look out the kitchen window and come to the conclusion that you are sleeping in the middle of a vampire graveyard or a decaying zombie village. Book one of the After Dark houses now and prepare yourself for a gruesomely exclusive "overnight stay". The After Dark houses are suitable for 4, or 8 people. Booking is at your own risk!  Prefer a safe night without nightmares? Then click on the button.  


Measures Walibi Village: After Dark 

Walibi Village is accessible without a COVID Certificate. So you do not have to show a test certificate or vaccination certificate at the entrance of the vacation park. However, all other corona measures are still in force. You do not visit the vacation park if you or someone in your party has health complaints.