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At the moment we have a technical malfunction and it is not possible to book tickets or an overnight stay. We are working on a solution.

Large groups

Large groups

Survive Halloween? Enter the park with a large group!

This year you are the VIP!

More fear, more excitement and horrifyingly different than previous years. Experience 20 years of Halloween Fright Nights with your colleagues or friends during this exclusive edition. This year you are the VIP. A Very Important Prey, as Eddie likes to call it. All eyes are on you - but we're not sure if that is a good thing...

The best advice you'll get from us: come with a large group to Halloween Fright Nights! Only then you have a chance to survive the visit. From 20 persons you will receive a gruesome group discount. Group tickets can be ordered for € 29,- per person. 

VIP Pass

Don't want to queue up and go straight to the VIP entrances? Then buy a VIP Pass for the whole group for € 35,- per person. This pass gives you one-time access to Psychoshock: Outbreak and the walkthroughs Wicked Woods and Campsite of Carnage: Alien Attack. Don't wait too long to order, because the VIP passes have limited availability.

Book your group outing

for 20+ persons!

Are you interested in a gruesome group outing? To make a reservation or request more information, please contact the Sales department at or call 0321 - 32 99 99.