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Fast Lane
Single Rider

Upside down in reverse
On this musical roller coaster, you'll go through a looping both forward and backward - all while listening to some awesome beats.  Buckle up, it's a thrill ride!    🎵

Not suitable for pregnant women

Baby switch is available at this attraction. Click here for more information.

View the accessibility flyer to check if you can get into this attraction.

120 cm Allowed
120 cm Forbidden under 120 cm
Max. speed 76 km/h
Length 285 m
Height 36 m
Ride duration 1:44


Speed of Sound is a so-called boomerang roller coaster. Characteristic of the track is that it's not a closed track, but that you stop halfway and the track travels backwards in the opposite direction. Because you go forwards and backwards through the Cobra Roll and Loop, Speed of Sound has no less than 6 inversions. You are hoisted backwards to a height of 35.5 metres and at a top speed of 75.6 kilometres per hour you speed over the 285 metre long track. The on-board soundtrack makes the 5.2 G-forces even more powerful. Do you dare to take this musical ride?

Speed of sound

Did you know...?

...that the tunnel around the lift hill is actually a waterslide?

Did you know...?

...that Speed of Sound was the first roller coaster of its kind with on-board music? During the ride, you'll hear a rousing house-track by DJ Randy van der Velde.

Did you know...?

...that the roller coaster was called 'La Via Volta' until 2011? When the name of the park changed from Walibi World to Walibi Holland, the boomerang roller coaster was named Speed of Sound.


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