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Fast Lane

Fast Lane

Make more of your visit to Walibi Holland by using Fast Lane!

Fast Lane rides

Make more of your visit

Make the most of your visit to Walibi Holland and use the Fast Lane. Fast Lane lets you skip a ride's virtual queue and gives you access to the ride's special Fast Lane queue. In other words, you don't have to wait as long and you can get on your favourite rides even faster! Fast Lane is valid for one whole day. You can make a single Fast Lane reservation per visit.  

Fast Lane is available for these rides: UNTAMED, Lost Gravity, Speed of Sound, Xpress: Platform 13, Condor, Goliath, Crazy River, Space Shot and El Rio Grande.


Your wait is the same as it would be in the actual line; a spot is reserved for you just as far in advance as it would be if you were to get in line right then, but the difference is that you don’t actually have to be in line and wait there.


This option drastically cuts your wait. You won’t have to wait in the actual line, and the wait will also be cut in half, so you can go on your favourite rides more often.


Fast Lane Gold cuts your wait by no less than 90% when compared to the waiting time at the time. This is the true Fast Lane experience! 

Single Shots

If you do not want to wait for your favourite ride, a Single Shot will grant you immediate access to one ride of your choice. Single Shots are available for the following rides: UNTAMED, Goliath, Xpress: Platform 13, Condor and Speed of Sound. Single Shots cannot be purchased online and are not available during Halloween Fright Nights.

Please note: Fast Lane tickets do not include access to Walibi Holland. You can obtain Fast Lane access at Guest Service on the day of your visit or online via Fast Lane products are available in the ticket shop and at the Fast Lane counter (subject to availability). To use Fast lane you need a smartphone with an internetconnection (WIFI or 3G/4G/5G) on the day of your visit. If you want to obtain Fast Lane access on the day itself, you can only do so via the Fast lane counter (Guest Service).