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Fast Lane

Why Queue when Fast Lane can do it for you?

Avoid the queues, wait less time and get more out of your day at Walibi Holland with Fast Lane, our new ride reservation system. With free Wi-Fi for Fast Lane users! Fast Lane allows you to avoid the queue lines at 9 of your favourite rides.

How does Fast Lane works?

Instead of standing in long queues, you simply reserve rides straight from your smart phone. Whilst Fast Lane is virtually queuing for you, you’re free to grab a bite to eat, hit the retail shops, catch a show or brave another ride. When your virtual wait time is up, Fast Lane alerts you and you go straight through the dedicated Fast Lane entrance and jump on the ride – all without standing in a long queue line!

How fast would you go?

You wait the same amount of time as the normal queue, but without actually standing in line!

Reduce your wait time by 50% vs the normal queue + Don’t stand in line!

Reduce your wait time by 90% vs the normal queue + Don’t stand in line!

For which attractions valid Fast Lane?

Lost Gravity
Speed of Sound
Robin Hood
Crazy River
Space Shot

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Buy fastlane and shorter the queuing lines by your favorite rides!

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