Speed of Sound

The roller coaster "Speed of Sound"... more spectacular than ever. The roller coaster in which music is played. Once on the train you will be prepared for the musical ride of your life. A ride you'll never forget!

  • Sensational
  • 76 km/h
  • 36 m
  • 285 m
  • 1:44 min
  • > 1,20 m

About Speed of Sound

Speed of Sound is a so-called boomerang roller coaster. Characteristic of the track is that it's not a closed track, but that you stop halfway and the track travels backwards in the opposite direction. Because you go forwards and backwards through the Cobra Roll and Loop, Speed of Sound has no less than 6 inversions. You are hoisted backwards to a height of 35.5 metres and at a top speed of 75.6 kilometres per hour you speed over the 285 metre long track. The on-board soundtrack makes the 5.2 G-forces even more powerful. Do you dare to take this musical ride?

Did you know...