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Visitors with disabilities during Halloween

Facilities for guests with special needs.

Walibi Holland strives to give guests with a disability a horrifying and safe day out during Halloween Fright Nights. There are special facilities such as adapted toilets, parking spaces and a disabled arrangement for visiting the rides. See below for all information on accessibility of attractions and toilets and if there are any questions, do not hesistate to contact the Guest Service at in advance or during your visit in the park.

Guests can make use of the accessibility scheme in the following situations:

  • They have a (visible) handicap, disability or special needs*;
  • They have a European Disabled Parking Permit;
  • They have a service dog.

* We do not ask for medical details or information about the nature of the disability.

We require a statement as we do not have the medical knowledge to judge whether or not a guest is able to use the regular queue at our rides. We do not ask for specific medical information about the nature of the disability. The statement should only state that the guest is unable to wait in the regular queue line. The certificate may not be more than two years old. It is possible to have your details entered into our system so that you do not have to carry the doctor's statement with you on every visit.

How does thescheme work during my visit?

For disabled parking, follow the yellow 'disabled' signs.

Guests using the disabled parking scheme can wait in the park outside the queue until the waiting time is over. Each disabled visitor may bring up to 3 accompanying persons through the special entrance. At the special entrance, the same waiting time applies as in the regular waiting line.Guests using the disabled regulation can, in case of a Haunted House, enter through the RIP entrance. However, all guests must have a valid ticket for that time slot. Due to safety reasons, it is possible that you will not be able to use all rides, depending on your disability. Want to know which rides you have access to? Download the overview below.


Please note! There are no wheelchairs available during the Halloween Fright Nights days. Visitors with disabilities can visit the park with a guide dog or an assistance dog. The haunted houses are unfortunately not accessible by wheelchair.


Adapted toilet facilities can be found at the following locations throughout the park:

  • Club W.A.B
  • Haciënda
  • Hall of Fame
  • Cock-a-doodle-doo
  • Toilet building opposite Lost Gravity 


For guests with special needs, we have made various arrangements to make a visit to Halloween Spooky Days or Halloween Fright Nights unforgettable. Click on the button for more information about the arrangement, where the adapted toilets are and where you can borrow a wheelchair.

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