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FAQ Halloween Fright Nights

FAQ Halloween Fright Nights

Do you have a question about the Halloween Fright Nights? Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is Halloween Fright Nights?

Besides all the attractions, Walibi Holland is known for the festivals that the park organizes. In October, Walibi Holland organizes Halloween Fright Nights.

What are Haunted Houses and Scare Zones?

Haunted Houses are haunted houses that you can walk through. Along the way, many actors will scare you to death. Scare Zones are themed areas in the park, where several actors are walking around, making sure you don't feel safe anywhere.

When does Halloween Fright Nights take place?

Halloween Fright Nights takes place on 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26 and 27 October 2019 from 18:00 to 23:00. Walibi Holland is open on these days from 10.00 am.

Is the park open until 11.00 pm throughout the autumn holidays?

No, Walibi Holland is only open during Halloween Fright Nights-days until 11.00 pm. During the autumn holidays, Walibi Holland is open until 5.00 pm.

Can you enter the park during Halloween Fright Nights with your Walibi subscription?

Yes, your Walibi Pass, Walibi Friends Pass or Walibi Family Pass is valid on all Halloween Fright Nights days!

What is a R.I.P. Pass?

An R.I.P. Pass is a VIP ticket only valid for all four Haunted Houses (the Villa, Jefferson Manor, Haunted Holidays and Psycho Shock) but does not give access to The Clinic. With this ticket you don't have to queue up and you can go straight to the entrance of the Haunted Houses. These R.I.P. passes can only be ordered online. 

It is also necessary to buy a ticket for Walibi Holland. These tickets are only available online.

Are R.I.P. passes, Haunted House tickets and Halloween Buffet tickets available at Walibi Village?

No, during Halloween Fright Nights there are no Halloween products available from Walibi Village. You can buy them online.

Are there arrangements for Halloween at Walibi Village?

There are no special arrangements for Walibi Village during Halloween. The minimum stay during Halloween weekends is 2 nights.

Can I spend the night near Walibi?

Yes, Walibi Holland has its own holiday park, Walibi Village. There are 2, 4, 7 & 8 person cottages available. For prices and books check the website of Walibi Village. For questions call: 0321 32 99 90.

Is access to Halloween in Walibi included when you book a cottage?

Yes, access to Halloween is included. Access to Walibi Holland is included on all rental days, including the arrival and departure days (provided the park is open).

Do we get a discount if we come with a large group?

Yes, groups of 10 people or more can buy tickets at the ticketshop with a discount. Are you coming with a large group of 20 people or more? Then you can also book via the reservation form on our website.

Are Haunted Houses also suitable for disabled people and pregnant woman?

No, Haunted Houses are not suitable for disabled persons with reduced mobility and pregnant women. Scare Zones and horror shows are accessible to disabled people and pregnant women. This is of course at your own risk.

Is Halloween Fright Nights also suitable for small children?

Halloween Fright Nights in Walibi Holland can be too intense for children under the age of 16. However, this is only an advisory age. Children under the age of 16 will not be refused.

Are there any dress codes in Halloween Fright Nights?

Masks, make-up, football or motor club related items (shirts, scarves etc.) and costumes are not allowed in the park.

Are all attractions open during Halloween Fright Nights?

Yes, in addition to the special Halloween attractions and shows, the other attractions in the park are open.

Do I need a special ticket for Halloween Fright Nights nodig?

Yes, anyone with a valid Halloween Fright Nights ticket or subscription to Walibi Holland can come during Halloween Fright Nights days. Tickets for Halloween Fright Nights are only available online.

Is it necessary to buy tickets in advance?

If you come to a combined Halloween day (where both Halloween Spooky Days and Halloween Fright Nights are held), you will not be able to buy tickets at the box office. You can only order your tickets online. Are you coming to a Halloween Spooky Days day? Then you can buy a ticket at the box office. Due to the great popularity of the Halloween Fright Nights event and the limited availability of tickets, they are only available online through the ticketshop. This allows us to guarantee access to the park.

Is it necessary to buy a parking ticket in advance?

No, during Halloween Fright Nights you can park freely in our car park and there is no charge.

I received a free ticket for Walibi Holland. Is this also valid during Halloween Fright Nights?

No, Halloween Fright Nights tickets are only available online. Only if 'Halloween Fright Nights' is mentioned on your ticket, it is valid during Halloween days.

Why are tickets only available online?

Due to the great popularity of the Halloween Fright Nights event and the limited availability of tickets, they are only available online through the ticketshop. This allows us to guarantee access to the park.

What's on the menu during the HFN dinner experience?


  • Gazpacho served at the table in an exciting way  

Main course:

Served from the skewer grill:

  • Kebabs with chicken and bacon
  • Skewer with merguez beef sausages
  • Vegetable skewer (V)
  • Picanhaspies
  • Pineapple skewer (V)
  • Skewer with pickled pork belly bacon
  • Beef skewer  

Kid's buffet: 

  • Black pirate spaghetti with eye sauce
  • Burnt cannon burger with a bloody sauce  

Side dishes:

  • Turkish bread with aioli and pesto dip
  • Salad of grilled vegetables and cherry tomato (V)
  • Salad with tuna, capers and red onion
  • Pasta salad with goat cheese and sunflower seeds (V)
  • Salad of couscous and mint (V)
  • Various types of sauce (tzatziki, Korean barbecue sauce, garlic sauce)
  • Garlic mushrooms (V)
  • Spicy potato wedges with herb oil
  • Traditional fries  

Vegetarian option (served at the table on demand):

  • Homemade Baba Ganoush (V)  


  • Chipolata bavarois
  • apple and forest fruit plate cake
  • Speculoos pastries
  • Various sweet delicacies
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Treasure chest (kids)

Is Fast Lane available during Halloween Fright Nights?

Yes, Fast Lane is open on all Halloween days. Fast Lane Gold (single & unlimited), Silver (unlimited) and Bronze (unlimited) are available during Halloween Fright Nights days.

Can I take my ticket to the park during the day and evening?

Yes, this is allowed. Please check our opening calendar first, because Walibi is only open during Halloween Fright Nights in the evening. On 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22 and 23 October there will only be Halloween Spooky Days. Please note: the advisory age for Halloween Fright Nights is 16.

Do you have children under the age of 12? Then we advise you to buy Spooky Days tickets. Are you coming for Halloween Fright Nights in the morning? Then we suggest you buy Halloween Fright Nights tickets. Both tickets are valid throughout the day, but with a Spooky Days ticket you cannot buy Haunted Houses online for Halloween Fright Nights.

How many Haunted Houses & Scare Zones are there at Halloween Fright Nights?

There are 8 Scare Zones

  • Pirate's Cove
  • Twisted Hellfire
  • Campsite of Carnage
  • Firepit
  • Villains
  • Tangled Twigs
  • Nightmares
  • Festival of Freaks

There are 4 Haunted Houses

  • Haunted Holidays II
  • Jefferson Manor
  • Psychoshok
  • The Villa

Beside the Scare Zones and Haunted Houses there are also 2 experiences

  • The Clinic
  • Below

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay your order via iDeal or Credit card (Mastercard, Visa and Paypall). iDeal With iDeal you pay in the familiar internet payment environment based on the security methods of your own bank. For more information about iDeal, please visit Credit card With a credit card of MasterCard or VISA you pay via a secure connection. This ensures the security of data transfer

What if I can't open and/or print my ticket?

Check the following: To open and print the online tickets you need Adobe Reader. With the free program "Adobe Reader" you can open and print PDF documents. If you use Google Chrome as a browser, try another internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Please read your confirmation e-mail for all instructions. Make sure that the pop-up blocker is disabled. Make sure the printer is connected, properly connected, turned on and has paper. Check that the cartridges (black and white and colour) have ink and are working properly. (If you are not sure if you have ink, print a test page such as an e-mail or photo). Restart the computer if necessary.

When is the ticket valid?

De geldigheid van een ticket staat op het ticket vermeld.

Can I return or exchange tickets?

No, online tickets cannot be exchanged or returned.

Can I receive the online price at the checkout?

These prices are only available online at the time the order is placed. If there is a malfunction, the discount can also not be received at the checkout.

What if I made a mistake when ordering my ticket?

Please note: Before your final purchase, please check if your order is correct. We do not offer refunds for tickets purchased online. Under no circumstances can the helpdesk issue a refund.

How do I get in touch with an employee?

For questions about the park, prices and our events you can mail to or call us: +31 (0)321 32 99 99. Tip: this information can also be found on our website (

We come with a group, should we print the online tickets?

Yes, each online ticket gives access only once and all online tickets need to be checked.

My tickets aren't clearly printed. Am I not entering the park now?

The most important thing on the online ticket is the barcode and barcode number. If these are easy to read, you can use the online tickets. To check whether the white space between the bars of the barcode is not closed, we ask you to reprint the online tickets. If the reprinting did not solve the problem, you may be able to print the online tickets at your neighbours, friends, family or at work.

I don't have a printer, can I use an online ticket now?

If you don't have a printer, you can print the online tickets elsewhere. You will receive a digital file (PDF) which you can send by e-mail. You can then print the online tickets elsewhere, perhaps with neighbours, friends, family or at work. You can also have your tickets scanned via your mobile phone.

Can I have my tickets scanned on my mobile?

Yes, you can.

What happens when I make a copy of my tickets?

Every online ticket has a unique barcode that is checked at the access control. Each barcode is valid once. After the barcode has been checked digitally, this online ticket or a copy thereof can no longer be used to gain access.

What if I haven't received my ticket?

You can then send an e-mail to: . In this mail you have to mention your book statements, name, telephone number, what kind of tickets and for what day.

Can I combine my online ticket with discount coupons?

No, you can't do that with online tickets.

Do I have to order a ticket for children from 0 to 5 years old?

No, children from 0 to 5 years are free of charge, please note that ID can be requested at the checkout.

Can the accompanying person of a disabled person enter free of charge?

No, you don't get a discount if you're pregnant or disabled.

Can the accompanying person of a disabled person enter free of charge?

No, this isn't possible.

Can I move the date of my online ticket because of the weather?

No, this isn't possible.