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Restaurants overview

Restaurants overview

Information about the restaurants in Walibi Holland

After all those bizarrely spectacular roller coasters, we can imagine that you've got an enormous appetite. In Walibi Holland there are more than ten restaurants, snack bars and kiosks with something for everyone. Burgers, kebabs, ice creams and different kinds of sandwiches. On this page you can read more about the various catering establishments in Walibi.

At the entrance in Main Street
The Bakery

To get your day off to a good start and finish, stop by The Bakery for something to eat. From delicious sweet chocolate muffins to American Cookies and from fresh croissants to big coups of Carte D'or scoop ice cream. Fingerlicking good! For a rustic fries you also stop at The Bakery. Enjoy!

The sports bar in Walibi Holland
American Café

Want to start the day or finish it off with some of the best coffee in the park? Then come to American Café. In this sports bar our baristas will prepare your coffee, espresso, cappuccino or late macchiato with love. But you can also get a nice beer from the tap and enjoy one of the many sports broadcasts. You don't have to miss a thing!

Create your own ice cream!
Candy & Cream

You will experience the ultimate ice cream experience at Candy & Cream. With the brand new ice cream machines you can make your own favorite ice cream. How cool is that? With the flavours chocolate, vanilla, cassis and yoghurt and the heavenly toppings you can make it a party anyway. The best time for ice cream is always!

The best fresh sandwiches
Fame Café

Fresh sandwiches are prepared and grilled here all day long. Farmers bread with carpaccio, cream cheese or filet americain for example. In addition to luxury sandwiches, the Fame Café also offers special flavours of smoothies and fresh orange juice.

Dinner with a view
Döner Kebab

Here we have delicious doner kebab of certified halal meat, fresh from the grill! Of course you can also come here for delicious fries. And while you eat your doner sandwich, enjoy the spectacular Lost Gravity roller coaster in the background. Dinner with a view!

The tastiest donuts
Donut Factory

At Donut Factory we have many kinds and flavors of donuts. Pink Mashmellows, Sweet Sugar or White Vanilla? Or do you prefer something with chocolate? We also sell our Slush Puppie Yards: a refill cup with which you can tap your favourite flavours yourself at the Slush Puppie wall.

It's a wrap!
Toast 'n Wrap

Here you can enjoy delicious toasts and wraps. The best location to enjoy a delicious lunch during a day of GETTING THE RUSH!

Ice ice baby!
Dizzies Ice Cream

Here you can find the tastiest ice creams, which you can compose to your own taste. Choose from the toppings and sauces and have this delicious ice cream freshly mixed for you.

Potato with a twist!

A fried potato twisted on a stick. We'd be happy to prepare it for you. Choose your own herbs and enjoy!

Enjoy an extensive buffet
Club W.A.B

Walk past the counter and be surprised by the variety of fresh dishes the cooks prepare in front of your eyes. You can choose from pizzas and freshly made sandwiches. The restaurant has both an indoor and outdoor terrace with live entertainment from the talking fountain on the square.

Dinner with a tropical vibe

Hacienda's hamburgers are freshly made from beef all day long. You can also enjoy delicious vegetarian burgers and tender chicken burgers. Would you like something to drink with it? We have various types of soft drinks and delicious creamy milkshakes! Choose from the flavours strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Big appetite? Then go for a menu.

The place to be for fries!
Mission Control

You can go here for fries, various snacks and different drinks. You can quickly get something out of the machine or combine it with a large bag of fries.

Just Cock-A-Doodle-Doo it!

At Cock-a-Doodle-Doo you can feast on different kinds of delicious chicken: half a chicken, pulled chicken sandwich, drumsticks and 'kippeling'... The choice is huge. And with delicious side dishes you can make it complete! Can you see already yourself sitting on the beautiful terrace in the sun?

It's pizza time!
The Answer is Pizza

Here, you can score your pizza Margherita, Salami or Serrano ham. On the terrace you can relax during your day at Walibi. Don't forget your dessert. How about a delicious Magnum? All flavours are present at The Answer is Pizza!