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NS train ticket

NS train ticket

Affordable by train to and from Walibi Holland? Buy an NS train ticket!

Update COVID-19

Due to current measures, it is not possible to purchase a NS train ticket until further notice. Also, the Walibi Express (the bus between Harderwijk station and Walibi) is not operational.

Affordable by train to and from Walibi Holland

To Walibi Holland by public transport can be very advantageous with a NS train ticket. With this ticket you travel from every train station in the Netherlands in 2nd class to Harderwijk Station and back. The NS train ticket includes bus transport, so you can also take a bus from Harderwijk Station to Walibi Holland.

Buy your NS train ticket

With an NS train ticket you not only travel to Walibi Holland (and back) at a reasonable price, you also arrive well rested. Totally ready for a day of GETTING THE RUSH!

Terms of the NS train ticket

The train ticket:

  • is only valid in combination with a Walibi Holland ticket. You can only add the train ticket to your order if you have selected at least one entrance ticket to the park;
  • is valid for travel in second class;
  • is valid from any train station in the Netherlands;
  • is valid from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 a.m. the following day. On weekends, the ticket is valid all day;
  • includes bus transport from Harderwijk Station to Walibi Holland;
  • is a return ticket and therefore also includes bus transport from Walibi Holland to Harderwijk Station and the train journey from Harderwijk Station to a train station of your choice.